African-American Braiding Styles that Work

African American Braiding Style

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*Please remember when creating African-American braiding styles, do not create tight braids. The tension can cause traction alopecia

Before creating any braiding style, hair has to be prepped. So, how did I prepare my hair for this style? I washed my hair with my usual routine with a few exceptions:

  • Instead of twisting my hair, I braided 10-15 sections in order to stretch my detangled hair to loosen my tight curls.
  • After washing the conditioner out, instead of not putting any product on my hair, I put oil, Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion, and Infusium 23 (especially concentrating on my ends).
  • Then, I air dried my hair and took out the braids the next day.
  • Styling Tools Used: hair butter, rat-tail comb, and butterfly clip to hold hair

    *To make these braids, I didn't comb my hair with the rat tail comb, but finger-combed each braided and twisted section using the hair butter for slip. If you detangle thoroughly and gently after washing, you won't have to comb the hair again.*

    Step 1:
  • With the skinny part of the rat-tail comb, I parted my hair in two sections, the back and the front.
  • I clipped the back section. In the front section, I made 9 two-strand cornrow twists. These twists are made in diagonal parts toward the right of my head. The first diagonal part starts at my temple and goes back toward my ear.
  • Step 2: Then I twisted the back section. I used about 1/2 inch-1 inch parts for each one.
    Step 3: Start as if you are making a french roll; gather your hair in a ponytail with your hands.
  • Then twist the pony tail about halfway. Make sure you have extra hair that's not twisted.
  • Then stuff the extra hair downward into the middle of the twist. Keep stuffing the extra hair into the twist and also roll the sides of your hair in toward your head (see top picture on right).
  • When all of the extra hair is smoothly rolled into the twist, then with a bobby pin secure the hair inside the twist.
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