Curly Hair Styles for Natural Hair

Curly Hair Style

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There are many curly hair styles for natural hair. This section of the web site will reference styles that natural tightly curled hair can try. Whether you are transitioning or have been natural for a while, the styles mentioned here will show you how versatile natural hair truly is.

Twists and Twist Out Styles:

Creating twists involves taking two strands of hair and twisting them around each other like rope.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Twist n Curl:

You can also add flair to your twists by curling the ends. Curly Nikki's blog has a video/photo tutorial on how to do this gorgeous style and showcases pictures of natural stylistas from all over:

Natural Hair Style 2

Avoid hair breakage so your natural hair styles will look their best

Shingling and Finger Styling

Shingling was a term coined by Miss Jessie's. These two styles involve using styling products to define your natural curl instead of using curlers or twists as a set.

Teri at also has an informative finger styling technique that uses a Denman brush to style hair.

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Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Coil Out Hairstyle

Think Corinne Bailey Rae: Romantic, striking, unique. That's what natural hair can be when coils are added to the styling rotation.

Dreadlock Style

Dreadlock Styles

Why do dreadlocks seem to grow longer than other styles of tightly curled hair? Read here for what the research says

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Cornrow Braiding and Natural Styles

Cornrow Style

Click here for an african american braiding style you can wear to work.
Braiding Style

Click on the image for instructions on how to do this style.

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