Natural Hair Growth with 1mits1 from YouTube

Natural Hair Grows: Congrats on reaching bra strap length and meeting your natural hair growth goals. How does it feel?

1mits1: It doesn't feel anything special. It's whatever... Syke! It felt great. I was able to accomplish a goal with my hair. I thought my hair was never going to grow

Natural Hair Grows: Your next goal is mid back length. Share three tips on how you plan to continue to grow your hair to this goal?

1mits1: Tip 1: Leave my hair the heck alone. I have this bad tendency to mess with my hair. I love to touch it.

Tip 2: Moisturize my hair at least once a day. I really hate dry ends.

Tip 3: Patience. I will take my time in styling and detangling.

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Natural Hair Grows: How long have you been on Youtube? Why did you decide to start a channel?

1mits1: I have been on YouTube since 2006. I have been uploading and deleting video for school projects and other video contests. I started my channel to showcase my artistic abilities. I didn't think about using it as a channel to share what I know with others until 2009.

Natural Hair Grows: What was one challenge you faced in growing longer hair? How did you overcome this challenge?

1mits1: My major struggle was breakage. It was really bad. I was never taught how to take care of my hair. I was so frustrated, that my hair was not growing month after month. I began to research about hair growth. I did that for hours, day after day. I was absorbing information like a sponge. I realized that everything that I knew about my hair was wrong. So I left the dark side and became a Jedi for healthy hair. I picked up my light saber (wide tooth comb) and tackled my evil habits one by one...

Natural Hair Grows: Share five tips to grow longer hair.


1. Moisturize your hair every day.

2. Wear your hair in a protective style that is easy to maintain for your lifestyle.

3. Choose the tools that you use wisely. Fine tooth combs are evillllll! Grrr.....

4. Don't believe everything you hear about hair. Research it yourself to find the truth....

5. Love the hair that God gave. It can be hard to do sometimes especially when you're detangling...

Natural Hair Grows: Share five things to avoid when growing longer hair.


1. Negative people and their opinions

2. Negative thinking about one's own hair.

3. Lack of patience

4. Not reading the ingredients of the products.

5. Not researching information about a specific topic on hair. Knowledge is power. So don't believe Jane Doe, John Doe or even me. Research it for yourself.

Natural Hair Grows: What does being natural mean to you?

1mits1: Natural means beautiful, big, corkscrew, durable, kinky, robust, unyielding, fuzzy, vigorous, crinkling ,versatile, adaptable, controversial, dexterous and yes dexterous, waving, elastic, functional, frizzy, many-sided, spiraling, pliable, persistent, unchanging, coiling, frizzy, kinky, napping, voluminous, crisp, curling, looping and after all that natural is me.

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