African-American Braiding Styles that Work

Please remember when creating African-American braiding styles, do not create tight braids. The tension can cause traction alopecia

Before creating any braiding style, hair has to be prepped. So, how did I prepare my hair for this style?

I washed my hair with my usual routine with a few exceptions:

  • Instead of twisting my hair, I braided 10-15 sections in order to stretch my detangled hair to loosen my tight curls.
  • After washing the conditioner out, instead of not putting any product on my hair, I put oil, Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion, and Infusium 23 (especially concentrating on my ends).
  • Then, I air dried my hair and took out the braids the next day. Styling Tools Used: hair butter, rat-tail comb, and butterfly clip to hold hair

  • *To make these braids, I didn't comb my hair with the rat tail comb, but finger-combed each braided and twisted section using the hair butter for slip. If you detangle thoroughly and gently after washing, you won't have to comb the hair again.*

    Step 1: With the skinny part of the rat-tail comb, I parted my hair in two sections, the back and the front. In the back section, I twisted my hair, using about 1/2 inch-1 inch parts for each twist.

    Step 2: In the front, I made 3 sections: the right, center and left. For the right section, I made 5 cornrow braids at a diagonal angle going toward my ear. See below.

    Step 3: Then for the left section, I made 3 cornrow braids at a diagonal angle toward my ear.

    Step 4: In the center section, I made six two-strand cornrow twists straight across in rows.

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