Does Your Natural Hair Seem Stuck at a Certain Length?

I know this feeling very well. I've had natural hair for over ten years, and wondered why I couldn't grow it past my shoulders. Over ten years, my hair would grow thick and strong; I would do protective styling like air drying and twists, heat style it perhaps one to two times a year, then have to eventually trim it because of breakage. Sadly, this cycle repeated itself often.

I really didn't understand what was happening and became really disappointed with my hair. The one thing I wanted my hair to do was grow yet why wasn't it? So, after a while, I started to accept that maybe it couldn't.

However, something odd happened in 2008. My hair grew... past my shoulders in fact. I could hardly believe it. While I still had breakage, split ends, knots and blow-fried hair, this was growth I had thought I would never see. And so, I started to believe again in what I had previously denied: My hair could be long hair.

After this revelation, I started to do some research and actually found tests dermatologists had conducted on tightly curled hair like mine. I needed to know why my hair behaved the way it did. And, I want to share what I found with you. With more information we can figure out why our hair breaks or can become longer, stronger, and thicker because as quiet as it's kept natural hair grows.

Domineque Banks known to the natural hair world and youtube universe as longhairdontcare 2011 passed away on April 9, 2014. Domineque graciously did an interview for my web site and I was really just so thankful for her support and the great information she shared with us. My prayers go out to her loved ones and family during this time.

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