Natural Hair T-shirts and Funky Gear

I love cool t-shirts and natural hair, especially when it's worn out and about, goes so great with funky and unique clothing and accessories. These are listings of some of my favorite pieces. Some are inspired by natural curls and others are just plain clever. Thanks for visiting.

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You Go Girl! shirt
You Go Girl! by deettejohnson
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Black Girl, LOGO2 shirt
Black Girl, LOGO2 by hershey781st
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Soul Music T-shirt shirt
Soul Music T-shirt by brev87
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SunKissed by Chime

Afro Funk T-shirt shirt
Afro Funk T-shirt by brev87
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Nubian T-shirt shirt
Nubian T-shirt by brev87
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Afro Cool shirt
Afro Cool by brev87
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City Soul shirt
City Soul by brev87
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Rain? shirt
Rain? by Anaylli
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A Flower shirt
A Flower by eprahs
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