by Sissy

I've had a very, very short fade w/my hair shaved on the sides & in the back. Received so many compliments from men & women. I have not had a perm for over twenty years.

My sister convinced me to grow my fade out. I grew out my hair but I truly did not have any idea how to care for my natural hair.My hair grew quickly.

I NEVER used any moisture or blow dried it. It would shed but I thought that was supposed to happen. I never used water to moisturize my hair. I would grease my scalp. I never did a deep conditioning or protein treatment. I would color my hair maybe four times per year.

My hair continued to shed until my hubby was shocked at the amount of hair I was losing. I then began to educate myself on black natural hair. I began to do protein & deep conditioning treatments.

However, my hair was shedding or breaking in massive amounts. Each time I told my sister I was going to cut it all off she talked me out of it. My hubby is very supportive of my decisions when it comes to my hair.

So today Wed., 05/18/16, I cut my braids off & my hubby shaved my head completely bald. I have a nice shape head & the baldness looks great. As long as I am pleased with it, I don't care what others think. It does help to have supportive people but if not, do what you FEEL IS RIGHT for you. We all know that chemicals are not healthy or beneficial to our coily, kinky beautiful mane.

I am almost 60 yrs old & as long as I'm breathing my hair will grow back. Granted it may not grow as fast but then it may. I'm more informed about how to care for it properly this go round.

I'm now using all NATURAL PRODUCTS. Yes, natural products can be expensive but they are worth it. I tell myself my hair is beautiful. When it starts to come back in, I will probably wear wigs until it long enough to style. I am hoping to enjoy this hair journey.

On those days when I get frustrated, (we know it's gonna happen) I still have love my coily, kinky curls. I feel free. I'm treating my scalp as if I have a head of hair. Oh by the way, I didn't tell my sis that I am now bald. Happy hair journey to all my beautiful, naturalistas.

Just do you & be happy & confident in YOUR decision. Remember, this decision to Big Chop is ALL ABOUT YOU. I wish all my ladies happy growing. 😁😁

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Jan 05, 2017
Excellent! Thank you for sharing your story!!
by: Eva


Your journey is remarkable. Taking the time to figure out how to care for your hair is key. Everything doesn't work on everyone so finding out what works specifically for one's hair is the journey that all naturalistas must take to ensure healthy strands.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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