Cut it All Off!

by Rida

I'm a 21 year old female from London. Ever since I was young, my mum used to relax my hair :( Since then, it became a habit and my hair just never used to grow past a certain length.

I tried out so many different styles , shaved off the sides and the back and I never realised how much it used to grow but after a few months it was all the same length again. My hairdresser always used to ask me why I relaxed my hair because it is soft , but it had kind of became a habit. I recently got tired of fake hair and stuff , so I asked my hair dresser to cut my hair into a pixie and she messed it up. I also dyed my hair all the time.

A week ago I just woke up and decided I'm cutting my hair. I'm done with relaxing/ dying/ straightening. I went to the barber and he took it all off ! Luckily my head looks ok with short hair! It feels amazing although I wrap a headscarf when I'm out as I am Muslim. But it feels amazing; all I'm using now is just olive oil and hoping to see some growth soon !!!

I would advise any black woman with African hair who is tired of using chemicals and hair not growing to just CHOP IT ALL OFF ! It's so much better. I'm looking forward to seeing my hair in a few months! I hope to inspire my fellow black women who have also gone through the same/ similar thing!

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Aug 09, 2014
Thank You for your Story!!!
by: Eva


Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so glad that you feel good about the new look. How you feel is so important when adopting a new style.

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