Hair Breakage

by Monica
(Oceanside, CA )

Hi! My name is Monica. I ran across your site looking at natural hair pics, as usual lol I was reading your post about hair breakage. I had the same issue about 2 months ago. I looked at my hair one night planning to do a "search & destroy" well long story short I had soo many split end and knots there was no need for that lol I had colored my hair about 1 1/2 yrs ago and it fried my hair. So I cut the rest of the color off (2 1/2-3 1/2") . I felt like I big chopped again lol

After then I went on a mission to be delicate and gentle with my hair, as well as learning to make it healthier and how to take care of natural kinky curly hair. I realized my hair was breaking off not only because of bad handling but also not sealing my ends after moisturizing. I also switched to natural products. The breakage completely stopped within days. I started using pure white Shea butter ( purchased on butters n bars. Com) and oils. My hair is thriving and just in 1 month grown over 1 inch!

I also started taking a women's multivitamin with minerals. I used to take. Biotin but it just breaks me out, so I replaced that with Msm. But before all is this my hair had too much moisture and not enough protein. So I started doing my aphogee treatments again and that helped a little. I did more research and found out about henna. Yay! Immediately it stopped pretty much all of my shedding . I love the henna! It's made my hair soo much stronger! I bet it would help you out on your hair journey too. It has loosened my curl pattern slightly. But honestly that helps me manage my hair better!

Well good luck on your journey! Hope I was able to help a little! I will eventually have my own site. I have been taking pics and notes since 2009. I wanted to wait until I made it to waist length.

I love your site and your hair. Once I find out how to upload pics from my IPhone I will come back and do so lol


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