Hair Oils at a Discount?

Yes, Indeed: Swanson’s Hair Oils & Clays

As you know, I have been showcasing some natural hair products which Swanson Vitamins sells, yet, the real stars of their product lines are their hair oils and clays. With these items, you can make your own hair care products. See some of the prices below as of May 30, 2013:

Lavender Oil 1oz $5.99
Ylang Ylang .5 oz $9.99
Rosemary 1oz $4.79
Tea Tree Oil .5 oz $3.99
Argan Oil 1 oz $11.04
Jojoba Oil 4 oz 7.07
Castor Oil 16 oz $6.55
Grapeseed Oil 16 oz $6.45
Coconut Oil 7 oz 4.66
Rose Hip Seed Oil 1 oz 4.49
Moroccan Red Clay/Rhassoul Clay 6 oz $4.35
Bentonite Clay 1 lb $10.49

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