I was scared but I feel free!

by Eleisha

I did my big chop this year (Sept/2013). I was very scared to do this because I always felt that my hair would not grow back and that it would always look better with longer hair. I had a relaxer since 1992. My mother has always done a great job maintaining my hair but its length never went passed my shoulders. I have always had thick hair. When I became a teenager I started fooling with it. That was a bad mistake. I was never really taught how to properly take care of my hair or to even keep it healthy. My hair has endured years of abuse from relaxers, heat styling, using different products, and beauticians. Oh yeah, and letting people braid the thin hair on the side which is now bald. I am just fed up with my hair and my actions towards my hair so I cut off all of the relaxed hair and left the new growth which is about an inch, or so. I am trying to start over completely with educating myself on how to properly care for my hair. Believe me I am still scared but I am free from the crap and big experiences from keeping me from enjoying long beautiful natural hair. I hope to speak to someone that has fulfilled their journey of getting long healthy and natural hair past their shoulders. This I will know will help me as a starting point on my journey.

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