I will NEVER do a BC!

I have been transitioning since May of 2013. It is now August of 2014. I have about 8 inches of natural hair and 20 inches of texlaxed hair. I was texlaxed for four years prior to my decision to go natural. As a result, my ends are not that different in texture from my new growth. Every six months or so I trim 1/4 of an inch from my ends. I would have done this regardless of whether I had two textures.

I think that the whole BC thing is largely psychological. If the two textures are so different that it is unmanageable or looks unkempt then go for the BC. If you are a purist and only a BC makes you feel " liberated", then great! But, texlaxed or relaxed hair does not automatically mean damaged or unhealthy hair. It is entirely possible to blend the relaxed hair into your newly natural hair and NEVER do a big chop.

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