by Chantal
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Few people are for me big chopping but the general concensus is "NOOOOO...dont do it!!" literally!! I'm scared I won't like it and I'll be stuck looking bad for like a year till it actually grows back....my hair doesn't grow that fast....and I've always been known for my "long" relaxed hair. It's just so damaged now and it's 500 different lengths. My front and nape are practically all natural but the middle is only like 10% natural. Ive been bunning to hide how awful my hair looks now because I can't even wear it down! I'm starting college in January and I'm scared that I'll be in the awkward stage so it could lead to some problems. I'm not tough skinned at all....I take things to heart.....it could go either way really.....I've given myself till Friday to decide...but my heart is telling me to just big chop.

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