I did my big chop on 09/30/2011 and I hit 1 year in 2012 and I decided that I wanted to dye my hair and I went and got it dyed at the hair salon that I go to. When I dyed my hair, I remember my mother saying to me, "Don't put hair dye in your hair."

The lady that dyed my hair used two boxes of hair dye; I didn't know. I had never got my hair dyed ever in my life. When she dyed my hair, within a couple of months, my hair started breaking off badly and then coming out so I went into the bathroom and I grabbed a hold of my hair and I just cut it all off and because of that it made my hair overly dry so I hit 8 months with my second big chop and I did my 3rd big chop on 01/14/14 and I am now in my 7th month of my natural hair journey.

I am so happy with how my hair has growth within 7 months and I won't be dying my hair ever again I learned that with bad lesson we learn them quickly and we don't come back or do it again. Once I hit 1 year with my natural hair journey, I will be super happy.

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