Tips for Cutting your Own Hair

by Jessica

I have been cutting my own hair for about 6 years with out any assistance. I have long hair to my bra strap and i wanted to keep it that way so i learned to do my own hair! With that said, I cut my hair once a year on my birthday! you can of course pick a day you like! I part my hair in fours as you do when you get a perm (even if your natural) My hair is dry and straightened. I part straight thin lines from left to right starting at the bottom to the top of the section i pick, and cut in the direction of the ends my hair, about a half inch off! *** if you get too a part (mostly in the middle of your head)you might find breakage which looks like very thin, uneven, hair. that section will usually be shorter than the rest of the hair. I would cut that whole line of hair even with the shortest hair ( imagine you have one of the four sections, you have made a part thin and you see hair as i just described, that is breakage)) That pretty much covers it!

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